Success Stories

Success Stories
scale~1600x1600xcanscaleup~introduction-1428093068-50 “The Most Powerful Weapon” - Introduction Two universities 8,660 miles apart were under protest by their students for the same reason. On one campus, students demanded freedom and were met with smoke bombs and rubber bullets. On the other, students demanded accountability and joined a movement. The common enemy was apartheid and the role universities played in supporting it. Apartheid was Read More
scale~2048x1xcanscaleup~zenzelecrec-1406945909-14 Black Diamonds - By: Elliott Stam Cape Town is a city of contrast. Heavy fogs drift over the coastal metropolis in the early hours, only to retreat after an ample dose of South African sunshine. Hot days taper off into chilly nights; raindrops meet the sunlight to form arcing rainbows. Parallels can be seen in society as well. Read More
screen-shot-2015-01-18-at-12-45-09-pm South Africa’s Educational System - Educational system played critical role in overcoming apartheid By: Stephanie Ebbs When students at the University of Western Cape arrived at the gate to protest the police we already waiting. “The police would come and say ‘you have five minutes to disperse’,” said Llewellyn MacMaster, who was chairperson of the Student Reform Committee in 1985. Read More
scale~2048x1xcanscaleup~lookingoff-1407547608-24 Spying on Apartheid’s Bomb - Espionage, nuclear secrets, and the struggle for a democratic South Africa Elliott Stam, Photography by Stephanie Ebbs and Articles made available by the Mayibuye Archives Renfrew Christie On the morning of Renfrew Christie’s trial he looked past a set of iron jail cell bars to see the newspaper photograph held in front of him.  “You’re Read More
1 b-z9JAgkb6lYM4bPehe2iw Race, jazz and alcohol: Jürgen Schadeberg’s South Africa - By: Kevin Drew Cape Town – For Jürgen Schadeberg, jazz riffs, political activism and nights at “shebeens” – impromptu venues where liquor is sold illegally and then downed at a frenetic pace – score the soundtrack of South Africa. Music, politics and alcohol frequently were stirred into one pot in the 1950s by journalists such Read More
ich MU Global Connect certificate to be available in spring semester - MU Global Connect, a new undergraduate certificate in "Digital Global Studies," will be available to undergraduate students for the first time this spring. Administered under the auspices of the MU Center for the Digital Globe, MU Global Connect will seek to prepare undergraduates for a new global reality by creating an understanding of globalization and Read More
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